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7 Branding Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Your brand is your reputation. Make sure you have a good one. So you’re a small business owner. Your doors have been open for quite some time, you have a few regular clients, and your website is up and running. And yet, your phones do not seem to ring as much as you expect. You paid for a digital marketing campaign. You have a great … Read More

The Top 5 Reasons Promo Products Work!

For businesses of all shapes & sizes We get this question all the time at Metrovista. Every “good” small business owner wants to know that they’ll get a return on what they spend. The truth is that, although they are an investment, promo products work! In fact, there is a science behind why that do. YOUR customers are hard-wired to respond positively to your promo … Read More

Go Big or Go Home

5 Big Brands That Are Mastering Print Direct Marketing in the Digital Age If you’re asking yourself, “Does print marketing even work in 2017?”  this report from Forbes should sum things up. The answer is an absolute yes! At Metrovista we always tell our clients to go big when it comes to direct mail. We want their postcard or brochure to be the biggest thing … Read More

Google’s Mobile First Index: 5 Experts Weigh In

If there’s anything you get from this post, let it be this: the idea of maintaining two separate websites is a thing of the past. Thanks to the mobile first index, desktop and mobile are now forever joined in Google’s eyes. They are peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Ginger Roger and Fred Astaire. Google’s mobile index is quickly becoming (or some would say already … Read More

5 Tips for Creating a Brand Logo

A company’s first brand logo design is hardly ever its last. The progression of design is reliant upon skepticism. Frustrating? Of course. Rewarding? Ultimately, yes. Designing a logo is as daunting as writing a cover letter for a new job. The only difference is that instead of having an entire page to describe yourself, you have one image to capture who you are as an … Read More

Socializing Your Company: Social Media B2C Marketing Strategies for 2017

If you’re lucky enough to run a Business to Consumer (B2C) Company, you’re lucky enough to develop personalized social media B2C marketing strategies. Daunting? A little. But does this allow for creative expression? Absolutely. Social media B2C marketing strategies are your company’s legitimate excuse to execute your creative vices. Unlike B2B marketing, where you have to align your language to industry expectations, B2C marketing allows … Read More

Get Found Online

7 Small Business Website Tips for 2017 Designing a bad website can be like showing up to a first date with spinach in your teeth. From outside you seemed to have such potential, and then you opened your mouth and immediately turned off a potential suitor. Instead of turning away potential customers, design your website to invite them in, enticing them with colorful content and … Read More

10 Expert Views on Print vs. Digital Marketing

Has the student surpassed the master? Here’s how I see it: What’s the point in online dating? To eventually meet someone in person. What’s the point in ordering something online? So you’ll receive it in person. What’s the point in engaging in social media? So you can share what you’ve done in person. This is how marketers should look at print and digital media. The … Read More

In the Black

Now that we’ve peeked behind the color prints to see the four important inks known as CMYK, let’s consider all the fun that can be had with just one of them.The K…black ink. Putting your image on paper in a single black ink sounds pretty easy, and it is, if the file is created correctly. A color photograph such as the pumpkin picture below should … Read More

Are you ready for 2014?

As we wrap up 2013 and look ahead to a new beginning in 2014, this is a good time to evaluate our marketing efforts. What did you do in 2013? Did you achieve your desired results and goals? What do you have planned for 2014? Here’s a few general things to consider: Repeat: Some marketing ideas work every time. These are the ones you want … Read More