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Go Big or Go Home

5 Big Brands That Are Mastering Print Direct Marketing in the Digital Age If you’re asking yourself, “Does print marketing even work in 2017?”  this report from Forbes should sum things up. The answer is an absolute yes! At Metrovista we always tell our clients to go big when it comes to direct mail. We want their postcard or brochure to be the biggest thing … Read More

5 Tips for Creating a Brand Logo

A company’s first brand logo design is hardly ever its last. The progression of design is reliant upon skepticism. Frustrating? Of course. Rewarding? Ultimately, yes. Designing a logo is as daunting as writing a cover letter for a new job. The only difference is that instead of having an entire page to describe yourself, you have one image to capture who you are as an … Read More

10 Expert Views on Print vs. Digital Marketing

Has the student surpassed the master? Here’s how I see it: What’s the point in online dating? To eventually meet someone in person. What’s the point in ordering something online? So you’ll receive it in person. What’s the point in engaging in social media? So you can share what you’ve done in person. This is how marketers should look at print and digital media. The … Read More